Rod Design Software "iTAPER"


he iTaper rod design software is a great tool to document and analyze hexagonal cane rod tapers. It indicates for every rod the taper, stress, differential and slope curves in the form of a diagram. The measuring units can be switched over from Inches to millimeters. At the push of a button, you can establish the construction drawings for rods consisting of 1 up to 4 parts, as well as the knot offset drawings with three different offset patterns. 
In addition, the rod design software offers functions for calculating the distances between the guides as well as extensive documentation possibilities. For each rod, it enables you to store any number of images and other documents. One of the interesting features are the taper comparison and the taper design, as they enable you to compare different rod tapers with each other or to derive new tapers from well-proven cane rods. At the push of a button, you can convert line classes and lengths, and the rod action can be influenced through various parameters. It goes without saying that the calculated values can be overwritten for your own individual adaptation.


  • Document and analyze any number of rods
  • Compare the tapers among each other
  • Various diagrams (taper, stress, slope and differential curves)
  • Automatic preparation of construction drawings for rods consisting of 1 up to 4 parts
  • Splice length calculation with various types of knot offsets
  • Taper derivation from existing fishing rods
  • Integrated conversion of line classes and actions
  • Setting values for the planning form
  • Measuring unit convertible from Inches into mm
  • Extensive search function
  • Rod design software and manual in German language

New in Version 3.0:

  • Multi chart layout to compare more than two taper together
  • Rod section typ conversion with constant moment of inertia (solid hex, hollow hex, fluted hex)
  • Taper measurements can be entered as you like in "mm" or "inch"
  • Taper conversation from "mm" to "inch" and vice versa 
The rod design software iTaper offers many different functions, and we suggest that you try them out without delay. The manual will allow you getting a general idea; you can also download the software in order to test it free of cost during 30 days. Upon expiry of this period, it needs to be licensed. To do this, please start the rod design software and request your license by means of the reference number that will appear below the starting image. A mouse click on the license button will open an e-mail for the request. Upon paying the license fee, you will receive the license number per mail.
200.00 CHF