Split cane rods have not lost their fascination over the last 100 years. New rod tapers as well as improved adhesives and varnishes make them even better and longer-lasting than ever. Some say that this is truly the Golden Age of cane rod making. Out of the hands of an experienced rod maker, a unique fishing tool is arising. He has developed a cane rod which does not fear any comparison with the finest rods of yesteryear and the greatest ones of today where aesthetics or action possibilities are concerned. If you've only fished with graphite, you can't imagine what you're missing. If you have ever held it in your hands, explored the perfect workmanship down to the smallest details, felt the silken guide wraps, admired the shining nickel silver, the exquisite timber of the reel seat and then, while fishing, experienced the unique feeling and the smoothness of the cast - you will never want to let it go again - your cane rod. A cane rod becomes a faithful companion during your days on the water. As I came under the spell of the tradition, the workmanship, the pleasure of casting the line, the honor of using nature's own gift to anglers, I just had to do it - I built my first cane fly rod – and since then a few more have appeared.


When I started rod building I found a lot of helpful information and inspirations in the internet, but I also received many great tips by e-mail from rod builders all around the world. Sincere thanks to all of them! I want to dedicate the following pages to them. I hope the spirit and fascination will ignite a spark in others and that they will go for it hook, line and sinker, so that the tradition of the split cane rod will live on forever.

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