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The Teneris rod rack has a capacity for holding up to 6 two-piece rods. It is made of oiled walnut wood and silver color steel. The reception holes drilled into the wooden part of the lower support are cone-shaped, which guarantees that the rod elements are automatically centered. The metal edges on the upper part are fitted with a plastic profile for protecting the rods. The rod elements are individually fastened in the upper support by means of rubber rings. These devices are manufactured in Switzerland, in the usual high Swiss Tackle quality. Four screws with dowels are included in the delivery for fastening the device against the wall.

Regardless whether you have spliced or carbon fiber rods - the Teneris rod rack holds them firmly and safely on the wall – displaying them like a real gem showcase.

Width = 480 mm, weight = 770 g, material = walnut wood & steel, capacity = six two-piece rods.


CHF 150.00
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