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The Centrix tippet dispenser makes sure that your preferred tippet material is always ready at your fingertips. It consists of a light-weight red anodized aluminum housing rot, of 4 plastic tippet spools and of a stainless steel locking pin with integrated needle. After filling the four spools of the tippet dispenser with your preferred material, the spools can be inserted into the housing. To do this, use the needle to pull the Monofil through the rubber of the exit hole and insert the spool with the tightly stretched thread into the housing. Then insert the remaining spools in the same manner, making sure that the sense of rotation alternates between the spools. The pin is secured by a split ring and can therefore also be fastened to your fly vest.

Outer diameter = 65 mm, width = 27 mm, weight = 60 g, bobbin capacity is approx. 50 m (0.2 mm monofilament).


CHF 98.00
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